Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plans what plans?

Still suffering with my bad back so all our plans for the past weekend went out the window. The plan was for 4 days camping and walking in the Lake District, but in my current state we call that off and we settle in for a quite few days at home. That plan quickly changed after a chance text that lead to an invite down to our friends for the 4 days, and what a fantastic time we had. Great weather, great company, lovely walking and loads of good food, just what I needed. To top the whole weekend off there happened to be a get together of most of our friend down there on our last night, so we got to catch up with everyone in one great night.
Picture today is of an early morning at Ullswater.

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Suburbia said...

Very beautiful.

Glad you had a great weekend, nothing like the company of good friends to cheer you up :)

wontletlifedefineme said...

Looks amazing!

Judith said...

Wow, what a beautiful photograph picture!

Thomas Wold said...

Enjoying your Britishness, your bad back and most especially your photos.

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