Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The few

Not in the best of states today as I was out last night on a leaving do for one of my work mates. Its nearly always sad to see someone leave but in this case I am especially sad as she was such a great sources of entertainment, she sat opposite me for a number of months and even on the dullest days put a smile on my face. What’s worst she is going to Australia, back to where she came from, so the chances are we will not meet again, very sad, but she’s got the blog address and my email so I hope well keep in touch.

I’m a big fan of military history and most weeks read at least one book on the subject, my favourite ones being the first hand accounts written by the person who was there. At the moment I’m reading books written by fighter pilots during the battle of Britain and am amazed at the life style they lived during those days. For a start they were mostly very young and with very little training, matched against the well blooded German pilots. They were also very few in number and worked from sun up to sun set. The losses were very high, one author lost 3 room mates in quick succession, and others were lost even before they had properly joined their squadron, their kit still waiting to be unpacked in their rooms. Other pilots were shot down in the morning, only to get back in the afternoon to fly again. Reading between the lines of these books you can also tell that they partied as hard as they worked and with such a grim looking future who can blame them. At school our history lessons covered the industrial revolution and the causes of world war one, I often complain that we gloss over the bad bits, English history is very bloody and much of not our blood, but they also seem to miss out the moments that really make Briton great.

Picture to day is of a wolf shaking water off after having a bit of a swim. Check out the lead, great big thick steel chain that was held by 2 people.

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Janie said...

I'm sorry that you have lost a co-worker. It's so nice to have great people around us in the workplace.

Hey I'm glad to hear that you are starting to run again. It such a great exercise for the body and the mind. I love how my mind just empties out when I run.

Pictures are absolutely great!

Suburbia said...

Fantastic Wolf :)

Sorry your friend is leaving, laughing is such great medicine.

Martin Rye said...

History is fantastic. Combine a walk with a historical location and it makes a great walk.

Boomka said...

I do the same thing when I get out of the shower. Granted I'm not wearing a chain around my neck. Either way, fantastic picture!

Michaela said...

Very, very cool. I want a wolf...

Anonymous said...

I love love love your wolf photos. They are simply fantastically amazing.

I am sorry to hear that your co-worker is leaving. :(

Anonymous said...
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