Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Good manners (I feel a rant coming on), have you noticed that there seems to be a lack of these now days. Its funny but I only thought about the lack of them after experiencing a real old fashion example. Caz and I were out walking on Sunday when an old chap walked past us, he was dressed casually with a baseball cap on and as he passed Caz he tipped his cap at her. The effect on Caz was wonderful; it put such a smile on her face mostly because it was so unexpected and so old worldly, a real blast from the past. In a time when most people walk through you with out a second glance it was really special to be treated this way, in fact it has made me smile just thinking of it, so much so that I refuse to waste time ranting about the ignoramuses out there, including the spammer who posted 10 comments on one post last night.

The next lesson on the photo course is now up, I’m sorry its took so long but time seems to be flying by so fast at the moment, all these holidays off work filling up my days.

Picture to day is from my archive, it’s a shot of a Greek fishing boat, I just love the colour and texture.

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Lisa B said...

Yes, I can 'rant' about lack of manners too, for example when you go in an eating place and it's not too busy and the person/people working there don't smile, say hello or do anything helpful, and then when you leave they can't even be bothered to look up and say 'thanks, goodbye'.

wontletlifedefineme said...

I completely agree. We even select our supermarket on the basis of how good mannered the staff is, and good mannered here means 'has an understanding about normal interpersonal communication'... sometimes people won't even look at you or say hello, it's so rude.

aims said...

It would have put a huge smile on my face too Brett. That is something that is 'rare'.

When we first arrived at our RV campsite in New Orleans - the manager shook my hand and called me 'Miss Aims'. I almost swooned.

btw - Is Polergirl alright? I'm worried about her.

Suburbia said...

That is a great shot. 2 more bank holidays in the 6 weeks, yippee!

Alejandro Ramirez said...

What a beautiful picture! Great composition, and an inspiration to other photographers.

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