Friday, April 17, 2009

My back and Kep's back.

Good news I’ve got a week off work, the bad news I had to put my back out to get it! According to the physio I’ve slipped a disk slightly and with a couple of weeks being very careful I should be fine. Unfortunately being careful means not sitting at the computer for longer than 15 mins and not doing any heavy lifting, so all the things I would want to do with a week off (working on photos, doing some blogging and working in the garden) are off the menu. The only thing open to me is walking and the weather has decided to take a turn for the worst. So I’m prowling around the house like a caged Tiger and just doing little bits here and there.

There have been 2 bright spots to the day, first I’ve just read a fantastic book, A Dog Year: Rescuing Devon, the Most Troublesome Dog in the World, a truly great book if you are in any way in to dogs and boarder collies in particular. The second high spot was this clip of a contestant on Britain’s got talent, a real case of not judging a book by its cover, if you have only a minute just watch this clip it will make you smile (made me cry but I’m a bit emotional at the moment).

The picture to day is of Kep as he has not been on for so long.

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Lisa B said...

Beautiful shot of Kep, hope your back improves, at least walking is allowed, although the 15 minute computer rule is a pain.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Suburbia said...

He is such a lovely looking dog.

Sorry you are feeling emotional, and you must be in quite a bit of pain too. Back pain is awful, and because you don't look particularly ill with it, you never seem to get much sympathy - so here is some sympathy for you!

S x

Anonymous said...

Sweet little Kep!

I hope your back feels better. Back pain is the worst, it affects everything you do. I am really hoping you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not jumping off the wardrobe again?!! :-) Hope you take doctor's advice and rest up - it'd be good to have you fit again in a couple of weeks.Take it easy and enjoy the walks! Lovely shot of Kep, by the way. Get Well Soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope your back feels better soon. I know how it feels but it does feel great when your fixed. Take it easy and enjoy your time off. A

travelling, but not in love said...

Sounds painful to me....eek!

Isunia said...

I watched the clip, that was a real surprise. What a voice in disguise! Anyhow, this morning they mentioned this lady on the Swedish radio :) Thought it could be fun to know :)

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