Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog of the week - Faces in places

After last weeks blog of the week, this weeks is again all about a face, or the impression of a face. Faces in places is a photographic collection of faces found in everyday places, but not real faces. Pop over to the site to see as it would take longer to sum up such a great idea, but be warned you will start seeing faces every where.

Today’s picture is of a money tree, again not quite what the name brings to mind but a great subject for a photo, this tree is on the waterfall walk just out side Ingleton.

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Suburbia said...

I've been watching this blog for about a year now, it always makes me chuckle. Love it!

aims said...

That looks like an elephant trunk!

Anna Merritt said...

Looks creepy

Anna Merritt said...

Looks creepy

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