Friday, September 4, 2009

Some times fate forces your hand and this is one of the prime examples, as I mentioned earlier I have had some problems with my web site host and now because of their change in policy I have had to rethink my whole web strategy. For nearly a year I have been unhappy with my main web site but have been unable, because of time or fitness, to do anything about it, but now I have had to make the changes that have been in mind for so long. So meet the new site,

So what’s new, well the layout is all new and is based on my excellent business cards designed exclusively for me by Trevor Bass. The navigation is always on screen so hoping around the site should be a lot faster. The links at the moment are quite limited as I have had to do all of this in quite a rush and am not really a web site designer, but it is built so I can add to it very easily. The sales link goes straight to my Red bubble site and gives you the chance to buy the images in a number of formats and preview what they look like on screen.

The biggest change is the address, yes I’m now a dot com!!!! This has left me with one little problem, even though I have had a web site for year’s it now does not show up on Google so I need some help if any of you can find the time or space, can you drop a link to the site in your post or on your site, as this will increase the chances of Google and the like of finding me. Also if you visit the site I would love so feed back either on here or using the contact me link on, (the more I link it in this post the better).

The picture today is again from the waterfall walk, enjoy.

Bless my cotton socks I'm in the news
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Anonymous said...

Brett, the new site is FABULOUS!! Thanks for the namecheck - when I go freelance with my design services I'll come back to you for a glowing reference (blush - thank you)!
Arron and I particularly love the portfolio - and we're really impressed by the speed with which we can click through everything. The whole site seems really slick and superfast - nice one! Creativity and professionalism in one easy move!

Blogger said...

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