Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today was just going to be a follow on to the holiday stories, but an email waiting for me when I logged on has changed that. One of my favourite blogs has gone “invitation only” and that has re awakened an internal debate over the nature of blogging.

I started blogging as a challenge and as a way of getting my photos to a larger audience, I ended up being able to spell audience right first try (really not bad for me as I’m Dyslexic and before starting this hardly strung 3 words together) and finding myself interacting with people all over the world (my first thought when hearing of an earthquake or Tsunami is “I hope no one I know is hurt”). Unintended benefits of doing the blog are that people I know now read it, which is great, but it does have the drawback that some things which I could talk about, if it was an anonymous blog, have to stay secret for fear that they could damage friendships, family harmony or job prospects.

A number of blogs that I have read over the years have gone private, they all started out anonymously and then people recognised them or people they had told, told others that were not so welcome and they had to make the tuff decision to go invitation only or curb what they write. I had no option when I started this as it hard to sell photos when no one knows who you are, but this does mean that I edit what I say and try to keep a balanced tone.

What is interesting is that the blogs I love (see blog of the week) when they are written blogs, rather than just photo blogs, are all quite out spoken and at time controversial, while still being inoffensive (mostly, you known who you are). But they are all anonymous and use that freedom well. I’m sure that one day I’ll write this with one too many glasses of wine inside me and let slip more than I mean too, but even knowing that I don’t think I could ever stop.

The blog that started this post was also the next blog on my list for blog of the week, I had only held off doing it earlier as I had picked so many of my long standing blogging friends and thought it was looking a bit unbalanced.

The picture today is of the Cuillin hill on Skye, this was the view we had driving towards them on our way to walk amongst them, but not to climb them this time.

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St Jude said...

Fabulous photo, I love the moody quality.

I am one of those anonymous bloggers, it has to be that way because of the work that I do. My one fear is that someone I know may stumble across my blog. The silly thing is that I don't really talk about my work or anything that could really offend anyone... I'm so boring.

Kasia said...

I think some people don't realise that blogging is also a responsibility - just like being an author and publishing your works, whether they are books or articles or magazine columns. So yes, it's a good idea to make your blog private if you just want to have an occasional rant about something/somebody and don't want to hold your horses. But I guess it's much more challenging to be controversial and outspoken and keep mastering the art of keeping the right balance and not hurting anybody.

aims said...

When I started blogging I couldn't think of a 'cute' name for it so I named it after my house and the fact that we live in the west of Canada.

I did conceal my real name because I was afraid of The Beater finding me and that wouldn't have been good.

You hear of people losing their jobs from what they have said on their blog and on facebook. It's a tough call isn't it? You want to say how you feel on your blog because it is yours - but in the long run you have to be careful because 'someone' might find out.

Is there a difference between writing 'you hate your job' on your blog or facebook as opposed to saying it at work?

Right at the moment we are waiting to see what happens to an employee who works with my brother's partner. The employee said some pretty nasty things about the owner of the company on Facebook. That was a month ago. Nothing has happened. He still has his job but if they find a replacement for him he'll be gone.

Suburbia said...

SO glad you don't intend to stop blogging :)

Thank you for your kind words.

Fab Pic, as always

wcgillian said...

You definitely own what you blog and therefore have to take responsibility for its content. Having said that, I cannot believe that it has been so long since I visited your blog. What was I thinking? I forgot what real photography is.

Anonymous said...

When you do climb them, Brett, I sincerely hope I'm with you! Beautiful pic.

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