Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

Kennedy, Lennon and 9/11; no it is not a list of bad things that have happened in America, but a list of time defining moments, you could add to this princess Diana and going back in time there are probable a lot more you could use. They all have one thing in common; you will know where you were when you heard about them, it’s like a time stamp in your life.

John Lennon I heard about, fittingly enough, in a music room at school, I had no real idea who he was (not a big Beatles fan) and still cannot see the point in all the acclaim for his music, but the event stuck in my mind as one of the clearest memories from my school days.

Princess Diana I heard about off the news one morning as I was getting ready for work, it had a feeling of unreality about the whole thing. Driving work on the day of her funeral I remember how empty every where looked, like the whole country was in morning.

9/11 stands out because once it had become clear what had happened you just knew the world had changed. I was working in a building society branch in Ashborne at the time, a very local place where most of the customers were known to the staff and gossip was as much a part of the transaction as the cash. Customers started to come in with these fantastic tails which sounded more like a Hollywood epic than a news story, but as time went on the picture became very real and phone calls home and too other work mates quick started to spread the word. I had the chance to leave the branch and walk down to the local bank past the TV shop which was showing footage on all the screens, truly a time defining moment.

When London was attacked I have no problem remembering every moment of that whole morning, as Caz was down there, travelling across the city by tube. She had rung me to say the tube was closed for some reason and that she was just getting on to a bus. I put on the TV after she had gone and heard that a bus had been blown up, I then spent the morning trying to get in touch with her, only succeeding around lunch time, she not having a clue that I had thought the worst.

So, where were you in these life defining moment?

The photo is of the Ribble head viaduct in Yorkshire.

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Isunia said...

Oh btw, I just check you website. It looks great.

Lola said...

I remember very clearly hearing about Princess Diana (early in the morning when I lived in Manchester), and 9/11 (as I landed in Edinburgh where I was going to speak at a conference), and like you, I knew the world had changed that day. I'm too young for JFK, and didn't much care about John Lennon. Youngsters nowadays may well remember in future where they were when they heard about Michael Jackson.

Suburbia said...

I remember 9/11 vividly. I was taling Tall Girl (not so tall then) to a birthday party. The children partied and the adults were glued to the TV. Very chilling.

Amazing photo :)

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