Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog of the week - Glimpses through the mashrabeya

Blog of the week time, after a break for the holiday, this one is a blog close to my own heart, a daily photo blog. When I start this blog I had no idea what a commitment it would be and having kept it up for the full year now understand what it takes to keep producing good, interesting photos day after day, while also trying to have a life. Lisa from Glimpses through the mashrabeya manages to keep giving us interesting and inspiring photos day after day, so inspiring that they have influenced the way I both take and look at pictures, so go and be inspired at Glimpses through the mashrabeya.

On a similar note I have just posted the next part of my photo course at Brett Trafford photography blog, all about how to improve your technique.

Today I have just been declared fit to return to the land of the living by my doctor, it has been nearly 6 months but I can now sustain long enough periods at the computer to return to work, although on a limited basis at the moment. This is great news, if a little daunting, as for so long I have had just Caz and Kep for company and have seen only a few people at a time, so spending hours with loads of people is quite intimidating. Also after so long away from my job I have forgotten most of what I knew so I have a long hard struggle to re learn it all again.

The image for today is taken from the side of the Pap of Glen Coe looking down on to the village and the loch.

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Lisa B said...

Thanks for the nomination, the nice words and the song! Glad to hear you are almost 100% again, though back to work will undoubtedly be a shock to the system. Your images are always inspirational and a pleasure to view :)

Polergirl said...

Hope work goes ok. Lovely picture - keep focussing on your photos to help you through the day!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely picture, Brett. I have no doubt that the way Scotland 'surprised' you is definitely being reflected in your photos - timeless landscapes through new eyes. Hope today went OK. Stay positive and keep believing in yourself - we all do!!!

Suburbia said...

Gosh that's beautiful!

unfortunately I have had to make my blog invite only. If you still want to read my ramblings then please e mail me (address on my profile page) and I will send you an invite x

Thanks for your comments

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