Friday, September 25, 2009

Glen Coe and the Pap

Our first adventure into big Scottish mountains started off with a bit of a navigational error on my part, I took the wrong turn, the very first turn off the road and then followed the wrong path too the middle of a wood, where it ran out and left us a bit bemused as to what to do next. Being as it was a hot day and we really did not have the time to back track our steps, we, once having found where we were, headed through the trees to the side of a little loch which had a lovely walk around it called the Lochan trail. This is the spot today’s picture was taken from, a very lucky accident had lead us to a most wonderful spot and far from it being a day wasted it became a day to treasure.

The mountain in the picture was our target for the day, the Pap of Glen Coe and we managed to clime it the following day with much less trouble. The mountain is only small by Scottish standards but still a fair climb with enough height to make me shake a bit on the last clamber to the summit.

We left Glen Coe with much regret the following day to continue our journey north, stopping off to climb a small hill called Ben Nevis. Ben Nevis for those of you not in the known is the UK largest mountain and for all its height is very easy to climb, in that the path is wide and well trod, but it does go straight up from the word go and seems only to get steeper the higher you go. The weather on the mountain is famous for being bad, over 300 days a year with cloud on the summit, so to spend a whole day in fine sunshine and clear sky’s was such a treat and one I would not have missed, but it did make the final run to Skye, after 9 hours walking, a bit of a pain.

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Anonymous said...

Brett, that is just achingly beautiful... the gorgeous blue of the sky only bettered by the impossibly deep intense blue of the loch. The last time I saw blue that intense was on the hawk's beak... Pep talk now: you are WASTED doing what you do! Go and do what you love!! The consistency of quality and professionalism you achieve over the vast range of photos you share with us all is just incredible - go and do what we all wish we could do, and that's make a living from something we feel so passionate about, that MOVES us. There - pep talk over. See you tomorrow, mate.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photo - you manage to achieve such fantastic clarity in your shots. Outstanding work.

Monique said...

I have not checked in a bit, WOW I love this shot! Amazing!!!!!

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