Friday, September 18, 2009


Challenges, we face these every day, rude people, crap drivers (women in 4x4 in supermarket car parks) or just trying to write a post while listening to you tube (KT Tunsall doing Teenage kicks!) but some challenges are ones we put ourselves through and may plan them for years before having to face them.

For me the greatest challenges so far have been unplanned whims, building a VW beetle from scratch (no prior experience!) hitch hiking the length of the country and doing a daily blog for a year.

Other challenges are ahead in my future like walking the Pennine way, a long way in the future as well as in distance; this picture is of the Pennine way or at least a small part as it heads over Pen-y-Ghent in Yorkshire.

Closer in time is the challenge to change the direction of my life as now I’m well on the road to full fitness I feel I have less time to waste and want to make a bigger impact on the world and have more control over my life, just the simple stuff then!

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Suburbia said...

Fab that you have goals. I need to work on mine!

Martin Rye said...

Pennine way was a fine walk. I loved it. A fine goal Brett. Glad the fitness is getting there.

chimesey said...

'women in 4x4 in supermarket car parks'

I feel somewhat politically incorrect, waving a flag re this... but... Jeez... it's f***ing unbelievable. Believe me.I also feel annoyed in that I feel somewhat politically incorrect. Maybe it's a good thing. Discuss. No, don't. But the bottom line is, living next door to a Waitrose, and witnessing the hopeless attempts at negotaiting the thing in and out of spaces on a nearly daily basis - I'm sorry, but buy a f***ing Mini Coooper. Then you might have half a chance of parking the thing within the lines.... Maybe...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

we plan to do the Penine way too as we train to get fitter for a walk up Snowdon next year. Glad you are returning to fuller fitness and yes it is always good to look forward and to plan for change, that is what we are doing too.

Re the 4x4 eejits - we live near a school and these women are the worst most dangerous drivers I have ever come across. They tend to be aggressive too!

aims said...

That climb doesn't 'look' hard but I bet I can't do it. Not without a loss of knees and definitely back.

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