Monday, June 8, 2009

400 Duck! and beyond.

Well I never expected to be writing this one, as the blog was only intended to run to 365 posts, but as most of you will know once you start doing this it does start to get addictive. Thank you to all the people that have read this blog over the past year or so, also a big thank you to my wife who puts up with me rushing off to “do a post” or to check if I have had any comments.

This blog was started with out any real thought or knowledge about what it would entail, its aim was to chart a year in my life and to get a wider audience for my photos, both of which it has done wonderfully. As the year went on it started to get a life of its own and evolved into its present style, without any real idea of where it was going (quite a bit like me).

Now it has come to a point where its old aims are no longer valid and so it has become a bit aimless and even a bit pointless. So could it be time to just end it, like so many blogs seem to do, the idea has crossed my mind, or I could try and inject a new purpose into the blog, give it a more defined role.
Well I have gone for the second option, a new role for an old blog.

First I will be keeping the photos, it was always the main drive and it keeps me taking different images.

Second I will be looking for some guest bloggers, so if you want to do a post on here, a bit about you and your blog, drop me a mail and I will try and fit you in.

I will also be reviewing some of my favourite blog’s; I hope to be picking one a week and again if you think there is a blog out there that needs highlighting post a comment so I can have a look at it.
I’m excited just from writing this post, there’s life in the old dog still.


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Sandi McBride said...

You're absolutely right, blogging gets to you after a while...I have loved your photos and by golly, the duck is one of my favorites, lol...I love these little comics...

Suburbia said...

I have never found any of your stuff aimless or pointless, and you are one of the few I read daily (or when you post) so I am relieved to hear you are not going to give up. Please don't think of it!

Love the way you have set up this photo :-)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Seems like the blogs take on a life of their own. I love the photo of the duck
Glad you are keeping this blog going I have always enjoyed it

Lola said...

I thought for a second that you were going to stop - most relieved that you will be carrying on!

Michelle Johnson said...

Glad to hear you're not giving up on your blog. They are certainly addictive and tough to keep going but, when you have a vision of what you want from it or even a new direction for it take on, its fun. I hope the new venture works out for you. Have a great day.

Lisa B said...

Congrats on 400 and beyond! You're not allowed to give up, you'd be missed too much! Can't believe your tune playing, having had 11.59 playing in my head for a few weeks (it arrived there totally out of the blue), I got a new copy of Parallel Lines (mine was vinyl) and am thoroughly enjoying it :). Looking forward to your many many posts to come.

AB said...

I just love those coloured feet.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I agree with the others..the photos and goals can change but do not think of it as pointless. Im in a 365 a day challenge where I take one and post each day. I have 5 friends doing the same. Perhaps you could adapt this idea to narrow your goals a bit.
Keep taking photos and let your work evolve! Best wishes

Isunia said...

Artistic photo!

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