Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blog of the week - Big Blue Barn West

When I was growing up my parents told me that they beat me because they loved me.

This is the first line of a most extraordinary blog, part life story, part travelogue, all well written and with a sense of humour and timing. I can not remember how I came across this blog, it was already well into the story of her life, but even starting it in the middle I was instantly captivated and spent the next few days reading all of her old posts. I will warn you that some of them can be quite upsetting, but the uplifting ones make up for them, both types are amongst the best writing I have come across on the web, its more like having a friend talk to you.

At the moment she is recounting her trip to New Orleans and it is a fascinating glimpse in to that part of the world as seen through the eyes of a tourist, almost as if you were there. But she does not just leave it at that you also get great photos and she look up links about the things she has seen so that if your interest has been peaked you can instantly get more information.

So my Blog of the week is Big Blue Barn West. Get over there and enjoy.

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Suburbia said...

Magical photo :-) I have visited Aimes but not for a while. Over to see her now!

Michelle Johnson said...

Extraordinary photo. My poetic mind sees a giant frog in the contours of the stream. Have a great day.

aims said...

Well my goodness! Thank you Brett! I am humbled to say the very least.
I will post my award with pride on my sidebar.

Again you have captivated my heart with your photo of water. You know how much I love it! Anything water and I am there. That's why there aren't pics of me around - you can see my gills!

Thanks again my friend. I am very honoured.

Anonymous said...

Brett, this photo is breathtaking, mesmerizing, and just plain fabulous.

I am always so inspired by your work.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog and a lovely photo!

Isunia said...

Cool effects!

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