Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog of the week - travelling, but not in love

Single male. Attractive. Solvent. GSOH. Platinum Frequent Flyer. WLTM similar.

No it’s not me, in fact only one out of the lot could be attributed to me, but today is not about me, it’s about this weeks blog of the week.

Now the thing about blogging that I love so much is the way it lets you see how other people live their lives, and when I came across a blog about an English man living in Paris, I was hooked. Here was a blog about someone like me living in one of the greatest cities in the world; I thought that I would get to see a different Paris away from the tourist and hype, being described in terms I could understand.
I certainly got to see a different side of Paris and indeed of all life itself, perhaps I should have read his profile a bit better.

I know I have quite a mixed following, so before you all rush of to read this blog a word of warning, it is a very open and frank blog, written in a very articulate way, with description that can sear themselves into your mind, covering the whole range of human experience. If you think that some of the content might upset you, don’t read it.

As for me I love the whole thing, not that I’m not a little shocked at some of it, but I am not living that life, just enjoying seeing a life well lived.

His post are all excellent, but one in particular stands out as one of my all time favourite blog post, anywhere, so here are 2 links this one is to his main page, and this one to my favourite post. This post will ring bells for anyone who has ever sat and listened to older relatives talking about people, who they knew back in the day.

So Blog of the week goes to Travelling, but not in love.

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travelling, but not in love said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I'm so thrilled. This is too cool Brett, thanks so much. I also love that Uncle Mick post - me and the cousin still laugh about that evening.

Anyway, thanks for being so loyal and for visiting regularly - did you pick that song just for me? You know it's one of my favourite tracks of all time.

Cheers mate. I really appreciate it.


aims said...

I adore TBNIL! He is like a sister to me.

Reading Travelling you know that this guy's honesty and forthrightness would make him your best friend immediately!

A fabulous pick Brett.

Daryl said...

ANd I love Aims and I adore TBNIL! they are like sisters to me!

In fact Aims sent me over .. nice to meet you and that is some amazing photo ...

Anonymous said...

Brett, couldn't agree more. ANd clicking on a comment you made over there to come and visit you is why you're now in my feed reader.

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