Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blurb Blurb Blurb

Great excitement today as we have just received our copy of the book we did of Kep from Blurb. If you have not come across this company before check out the link opposite and have a look at what they can offer. I am thinking of using them to provide a number of different books, so this one was something of a test case and here is how they have done.

First off their site, it’s great and very easy to navigate, even using the slow internet connection at work. The lay out and feel is very good and I had no trouble finding any of the information I needed. They also have lots of other people’s books on display which gave me loads of ideas when working on my own.

To actually make a book you need to down load their own software, which I did with no problems and it seems to be virus free. The program is easy to use and still gives you plenty of creative freedom to do as you want. Once the book was designed I up loaded it to their site and ordered it, again all very straight forward and simple.

It arrived earlier than expected, very well packaged and in perfect condition. The book itself looks great, very professional and of a good quality, the only down side is that all the shots look a little dark compared to what I had on screen, but that is a problem I have had with printed images before and think that my monitor is a little to bright so I am correcting my images a shade darker than I should. That said the book is still very good, it is only that I am so picky about my images that I even noticed.

Overall 10 out of 10, I will definitely be using them again, so look out for more books from me in the coming months.

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Babooshka said...

This sounds ideal for a project that in it's infancy here. I have re calibrated my screen as I too have noted print even in gloss, is darker overall and can loose the finite detail. Yet again it is I who thanks you for pointing me in the direction of yet another place of use. Needless to say new adjectives have to be invented for your simply stunning images.

Pale Shelter was always such an overlooked record.

Suburbia said...

Just had a peep at Keps book. Wonderful! He was such a cute puppy and has grown old very gracefully. I like his paw print right at the end :-)

Michelle Johnson said...

Sounds like a promising future between you and Blurb. Glad the process and software was kink free. Equally pleased Kep's book turned out so nicely. Have a great day.

Monique said...

I have been working on a blurb book, love how easy it is, did your book turn out well? Fill me in if you can.

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