Friday, June 5, 2009

The right to vote

This blog has been visited by people from 166 countries, a number of which don’t have free and fair elections. So I should feel very lucky to live here where we have regular and fair elections to choose who leads us. But yesterday I decided not to vote, I think for the first time since I was able to vote. Now I would be amongst the first to complain if my right to vote was taken away, but it’s also my right not to vote.
So why didn’t I vote, well for a start I had no idea who was running or what they stood for, or what it would mean for me if such and such won. Now part of this is my fault as I do not read junk mail, only mail that is sent direct to me, but also it is the fault of the candidates as none have knocked on my door and tried to win me round.
Secondly these were elections for local councils and the European parliament, both bodies in which I have little trust or belief and I think have very little influence over my life.
Lastly who are these people and what qualifications do they have to run the council, unlike a doctor or an architect I don’t think that they have spent years learning how to manage a council, more likely that if they have any formal training it is in how to be a better Politian. With all the current scandal about expense claims and the back stabbing in the Labour party, is it any wonder that a lot of us have just given up on the whole thing.
Picture today is another from the English Lake District, this is Blencathra, just east of Keswick.

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Sandi McBride said...

I agree, sometimes the wisest vote is the one not taken advantage of...Sandi

SB said...

Just curious, can you write in names on the ballot?

Suburbia said...

I can see your point. I always vote because I am thankful (particularly as a woman) that I can. The candidates may not be well qualified but not voting doesn't change that, sadly.

Love your photo

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

Lisa B said...

We only had 3 candidates for the local council (not a labour one amongst them in any case) and yes all 3 visited the doorstep but before the expense claims was all that was in the news, so I imagine that stopped a lot of canvassing. I never really know who will be in the European choices, and having made my decision, the party I wanted to vote for wasn't on the list!

Michelle Johnson said...

When it comes time to vote here the candidates knock on your door and call you to get your vote. It's that extra effort they make which gets my attention. But, I confess I'm new to voting.

Love your picture of the day. It's beautiful. Makes one want to go for long walks to take it in. Have a great day.

AB said...

Amazing shades of blue!

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