Thursday, June 11, 2009

Must dash

Time fly’s by when you have lots to do and trying to keep 3 blogs going certainly makes for a busy life.

The Leek blog is doing very well and has so far giving me 118 new photos of my local area that I would not have taken normally. That has been one of the reasons I have been as busy as I have been getting to known the local villages and capturing some really good images along the way.

The photo blog is also taking some of my time as I continue with the photo course; I have added another update on there today along with some photos to illustrate the post.

One of my projects that I have just finished is a photo book about Kep, see the link opposite, this is a collaboration with Caz and has been done to give us a record of him growing up and has been done now as doing something like this after he has gone would be just too painful, it also give us chance to work on book two as Kep seems to be in the best of health and set to collect another catalogue of photos. Any feed back in to how the book looks, you can only view the first few pages, would be very welcome. Two more books are in the planning stage, one based on the photos taken for this blog in its first year and on based on the Leek blog showing images of Leek and the Staffordshire Moorlands.

I hope to have my first blog of the day announced tomorrow, I still need to get the format right and produce an award that is suitable, so fingers crossed it could be you (really the first one is a regular reader of this blog)

Photo today is an abstract image, of what I will reveal tomorrow

For Lisa
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Suburbia said...

You are very enigmatic today!

aims said...

I love water! I do hope it's a waterfall.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it's a river?

Michelle Johnson said...

I'm guessing the picture is of a stream. I have to say that the first 15 pages of Kep's journey is great. Those pictures are laid out so nicely and demonstrate his life well. He's an adorable dog and was so cute as a pup. What a great idea to do this before he's gone. Have a great day.

Lisa B said...

Your book is fantastic, the images of Kep are absolutely gorgeous. I was very surprised to see Fanta (though it must be her in a previous life as she's only 5 now) on the walk with you on the canal path, but it does look just like her.
Thanks for the song :).

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