Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Twittered, I think that what you could call it at least that is my name for what happened yesterday to my blog. As a very keen blogger I check my site stats on a regular basis, so I known how many people normally visit in a day. So imagine my surprise when the visitor figures jumped up by 100%. My first reaction was that they were all lost, but on checking where they had come from it was all from the same place, Twitter! Now I’ve never twittered, not even one small tweet, so I have no idea why these people are visiting, not that I’m complaining the more the merrier, but if someone could enlighten me as to the reason for all these new readers, I would be very happy.

The next post will be the Blog of the week post, this week’s has already been picked, but as I have said before if you know of any good blogs let me know and I’ll give them a look. Also I am looking for guest bloggers so again if you want to have a go or would like to volunteer someone I will see what I can do.

Photo today is of a pink flower, I have no idea what it is, but it look so pretty covered in the rain drops.

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Michelle Johnson said...

Yes, that flower is pretty covered in those raindrops. I'm glad you're getting more exposure for your blog. I'm sure someone who regularly reads your blog has a twitter account and has twittered about you/ your blog. Have a nice day.

Isunia said...

I think the flower is called something "sweet-brier" that's the best translation I found. I think your idea about guest bloggers is great. Do you want them to write well or photgraph well? :)

Lisa B said...

beautiful shot :), love the raindrops. I don't know anything about twittering either, but I do love the song you have playing.

Monique said...

Love this color of pink and the water drops. Love it!

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