Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Brit awards

To celebrate the launch of my new music bar, see right, they had an awards ceremony last night. It was wonderful to see the range of British talent on show and the fact that Leona Lewis was piped at the post by real stars was even better. Congratulation to Kate Nash, Mark Ronson, Mika and Kylie Minogue, I still think that Bat For Lashes should have got something too, I will put something on the music bar of hers today if I can.

Looking on the net at the coverage of the event I have found this, everyhit , list of all the previous winner’s, a real trip down memory lane. Other sites seemed to think that the fact that a star turning up without a wedding ring was the biggest story of the night, what crap! This night was about how we Brits make some of the best music in the world, if we could churn out this level of quality in politicians and sport stars we would still rule ½ the world.

Photo today, a nice image of Ivy leaves trapped in ice.

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