Friday, February 29, 2008

Reading in the shower

That's about the only place I don’t read, those of you that know me will be well aware that I’m always reading, too much according to Carolyn. Books like music and photos are the foundation of my life, but unlike the other two I think I could not live without books. A good book can take me to a place or time, without me leaving the house, a very attractive proposition when you are as lazy as me. I read a wide range of books, a small list can be seen at the side of the blog, the best books can become like old friends, I revisit them when I am down and need a lift.

Why is it that when you come across a photographer in a book they normally turn out to be a bad guy?

On Bloggers today the blog of note(wish mine could make that list) is See its not just me

Today’s snap a goose taking off on our local canal, and telling everybody in the process.

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Anonymous said...

Books are like old friends to me, some loyal and always there for you - the cover slightly worn and tired but faithful nonetheless. Others bright and airy - full of the feel good factor. I like to recycle my books, keeping only the ones that I've really enjoyed, and passing the others on to ensure there is always room for more!

I know you can buy waterproof books for babies - maybe someone could invent them for adults too Brett, then you really would be able to read EVERYWHERE! Lol! :-)

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