Friday, February 15, 2008

What have I started?

Well I’ve made it to the second day and only 2 spelling mistakes spotted by my wife. I had the idea for the blog at 12 o’clock yesterday and had the first post done by 3.31pm, since then I have had time to think about what I have started. 365 different photos, I’m daunted and intrigued at the same time. Daunted with the task of taking the images and writing words to tie it all together and intrigued at what will be here in a years time. Will anybody see this? Will it make any sense?

The picture, a close up of a swan’s wing, they look very big and fierce when you get this near to one.

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caro said...

I think it looks fab and its brilliant that you have started to focus on things again. Cxxxx

Anonymous said...

As a retired and very experienced competition judge in photography I have to say that this picture is poorly framed, has no depth or impact, lacks a focal point and is quite clearly badly exposed.If this is the standard of your work to date, may I suggest that you might join a local camera club or take private tution from a fellow enthusiast who has the experience to help you and guide you through the early stages of modern photography. Don't be dis-heartened we all started somewhere and with consideration its a nice idea but perhaps a little to advanced foe a beginner. Saying that full marks for trying and keep trying no matter how frustrated you get. I will keep an eye on your progress and I look forward to your next submission.
the picture of the boat is okay but the background is very cluttered...shame good have been a belter

Brett said...

Thank you for your informed comment, its always nice to hear from an expert, even a retired one. Four your information I learned most of what i known from an ex chairman of a local camera club who was also a very good frend of mine. I may now have to start looking for a new role model.

Anonymous said...

No foolin you is there Brett although I think I left enough clues for you to work it out who anounymous was.Good luck with your blog and happy snapping.
Laters gary..b

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