Friday, February 22, 2008

How to shave, a nice Beaver

It’s Friday!! I’m sitting in the office listening to Jo Whiley on the radio, with the smell of chicken tagine wafting up the stairs. Life is good.

To mark the start of the weekend I have a number of web pages that you may find interesting, odd or just plain wrong. The title of the post will make sense after you have looked at them.

Shaving. As if it wasn't dangerous enough with all the blades? Now there's those little ingrown hairs to deal with known as razor bumps. Here's how not to get them.

Turn a taxidermy animal into your desktop PC. Both neat and handy!Warning: this project involves taxidermy, dremels, and sometimes graphic pictures of dead animals. While there are no guts in this tutorial, viewer discretion is still advised.

Mouse Mouse!
Fully functional, and furry!

Photo taken at the back of the house down on the canal, showing the last of the hoar frost.

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1 comment:

Benjamin Madison said...

All your photos are interesting - but this one is really beautiful! Thanks for your kind comment on my city daily photo blog (Victoria BC) - I'm a photographer wannabe so I hope you don't mind if I ask you how you do that single color thing like on the recent market photo - everything gray scale except the yellow things?

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