Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carpe diem

I went for a run on Thursday, which involved a drive out to somewhere flat and then running for ½ an hour. On the way back home there had been a car crash in which someone had died. This person had been travelling along the same road as me, just after me, maybe thinking about what to have for tea or where to go on holiday, when it all just stopped. I’ve heard it said that you only regret the things that you have not done and if it all just stopped for you on a sunny Thursday what would you regret.

A few months ago I made the decision to take any opportunity that was offered and the things that have come out of that decision I have no regrets about at all. To take it to the next stage I have started to act on impulse this blog being one of those ideas, I started it and then thought about just what was involved afterwards.

Something’s may go wrong, but at least I will have done something.

Reading that back it’s a little dark so here to off set that is a picture taken this morning after I had finished my run , since my comment about the English weather we have had nothing but blue skies and this Robin looked fantastic against that background.

For those of you that are interested the title comes from a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace.

Leuconoe, don't ask — it's dangerous to know what end the gods will give me or you. Don't play with Babylonian fortune-telling either.

Better just deal with whatever comes your way.

Whether you'll see several more winters or whether the last one Jupiter gives you is the one even now pelting the rocks on the shore with the waves of the Tyrrhenian sea

Be smart, drink your wine. Scale back your long hopes to a short period.

Even as we speak, envious time is running away from us. Seize the day, trusting little in the future.

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