Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Too nice to talk to

Music, I love it. While I’m on the PC writing the blog or editing pictures, I have it playing in the back ground. It is the sound track to your life; everyone has songs that mean more than just words and a tune. I’ve put one of mine on the blog, too nice to talk to, by the Beat(the English beat for those of you in the states). Reminds me of every girl I fancied in school, but never managed to speak to. Music like pictures can link you to a time, put you there like nothing else can. Sweet child of mine takes me to that warm safe place. Susan Vega, Iron Maiden, Blondie, and the Eurythmics all are keys to other times. Any special ones for you?

The image today is another Duo tone, a local river flowing over concrete steps with a log catching the full force of the water.

Now playing: Eurythmics - Would I Lie To You?
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Ranger Faff said...

Another beautiful picture! And a man after my own heart re: duotones :-)

Special songs? YES!!!!!!! Driving With The Brakes On - Del Amitri (actually, any Del Amitri), Fall At Your Feet - Crowded House, On A Day Like Today, Hamburg Song and I'll Try Again (all Keane), Marlene On The Wall (Suzanne Vega) - will stop now, before I crash your blog! Mostly agree with you about the music, though I like my peace and quiet too. As someone very special once said - "it's all about balance."

caro said...

Sweet child o mine - "I've heard that somewhere before....." - yes that takes me to a warm place too. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

George Formby "When I'm Cleaning Windows" !!! :-0 Lol, now there's blatent honesty for you! Also love Milk Inc, Evanescence, Robbie Williams (who doesn't?!) and Country & Western! My mood dictates my choice of music - it's gotta be dance music to get me through housework and classical for traffic jams. It's all about yin n yang. :-)

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