Friday, December 5, 2008

Decembers tree

Today’s photo is of the tree I’ve being shooting over the last 10 months, little did I know that when I took the first photo that I would be putting myself at some risk only a few months letter to repeat the shot. The tree is only 5 mins from home and right by the side of a country lane and as it was time to shoot it again and it had just snowed, it seemed the perfect time. I was ok up to the point I left the main road, which had been gritted and was clear. The little lane was still just packed, frozen snow, with little or no grip, but my trust VW Polo battled on, reaching the tree in just over ¼ of an hour after leaving home. I got out and took the shot and in a sprit of adventure walked down the lane to the corner where I came across 3 cars that were stuck in the snow. Ever helpful I assisted two of the cars back up the hill and turned them round the third car was too far down the bank and after much work we managed to get it onto the lower road which was clear. Then it was my turn, I could turn round and head home or go on and risk the bank, I took the bank, very steep and very icy but great fun, once it was over. Another photo for the blog done.

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Lisa B said...

nothing like an adventure in the pursuit of another fantastic shot! We didn't get any snow yesterday (well it had gone by the time I got up).

Suburbia said...

Great story!

Nella said...

Simply amazing. Eye candy.

Emmie said...

wow what an amazing tree, so symmetrical and just perfect :)

Well done to you for helping the other motorists :)

Princess Pointful said...

Ooh! This is one of my favourites! Stunning!

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