Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Help mum my tong is stuck

Mum help my tongs stuck, not something you hear every day is it. But it’s the first thing that popped into my head as I looked at this photo. Kep, as I have said before, loves water and, as long as it does not involve a bath, he cannot be kept out of it. So around this time of year this happens, Kep dives at water only to find its gone hard? Now I’m not one to talk about memory problems, but each year he seems to forget he has seen this before and spends loads of time investigating the problem. The fun bit is when he finds out that it’s not hard enough; don’t worry though we keep him on a lead and don’t let him go too far out and if he should get into difficulty Caz always has a buoyancy aid she can throw in, ME.
I have two good pieces of news; first Polergirl has had some promising news from the docs, check out her latest up date.
Second, the girl is back, new name and new blog but same old (young) girl. Pop over and check her out unless you’re offended by sex with dead chickens?
Just realised this post is my 300th, wow! Who would have thought it, 300 pictures and 56,500 words and still 65 days to go.

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Emmie said...

aw bless lil Kep! :o)

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

My cat has almost the same problem. She forgets the dangers of "hard water" and tries to lick it. Sometimes her tongue freezes to the ice, so I have to carry a thermos of hot water everytime we're out to rescue the poor thing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no - hope Caz doesn't have to use you as bouyancy aid! Poor Kep - I did that to a lamp-post once(don't ask!)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Funny Kep! I've been sharing Kep's adventures with my step-daughter whose dog, Dasha, resembles Kep. Kep has star quality!

Suburbia said...

cute :)

Laura Jane Williams said...

I am indeed back... and thank you for pointing out the whole chicken/sex thing...!

Laura x

Anonymous said...

That looks like very thin ice. Careful, Kep.

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