Monday, December 29, 2008

Look what i got!

Well after yesterdays rant back to normal, I’m still feeling crap and all the more disgruntled as I’m off work on holiday and should be enjoying myself. We have got some good friends staying over and they are being very patient with us both as we have very little energy to do too much. Hope you have all had a great time over the holidays and that Santa brought you just what you wanted, me I got loads of books and some bits for my camera, on top of that a new keyboard and mouse, both of which are making all the computer work more fun. Photo for today is of Carolyn’s presents under the tree, all wrapped by me!

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The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Good wrapping job, Brett! My husband used duct tape to wrap mine. Seriously! Gotta love him for trying! Feel better soon.

Suburbia said...

Hey Brett, pretty good wrapping for a bloke! (sorry couldn't resist)

Daisy said...

So pretty and festive. Slightly lifting me from my post festive glump, thank you! Hope you feel better!

Amber said...

Hi, just checking your blog out!! I'm starting mine on January 1st!! Looking good!! :)

Michaela said...

Wow. Since when are guys amazing at wrapping presents? Just kidding.

Emmie said...

wow how wonderful you are at wrapping gifts! you can do mine next year if you like!

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