Saturday, December 20, 2008

Branching out

Typical, you spend all morning writing posts in your head and then only 2 mins after logging on I have loads to write about.
Polergirl has posted a post explaining her name, well worth watching!
Isunia, has linked to one of my posts (feel free at any time) this is because she has seen a tree like the one I have been photographing over the past 10 months. This is a coincidence as I have taken a second picture of it this month as I was passing it before the sun came up and the sky looked great.
So this is not the post I’d planned but it’s a great example of blogging taking over.

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Suburbia said...

Funny how blogging can take over your life isn't it?! Fantastic sky for your tree, you couldn't have passed this one by could you?

Sarah said...

It really is a beautiful tree, I can see why you keep on going back to it.

ShutterSpy said...

Nice and simple (but still beautiful).

Jen said...

You are so lucky your tree is still there.
For the past seven years I have been driving past the coolest tree, in the worst surroundings - construction. I kept promising myself I would stop and photograph the tree, or get up early and go or at dusk when the sun was just right.
When I got my digital camera, I had no more excuses, you know where this is going right?
They cut the tree down!

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