Monday, December 1, 2008

Red red Robin

Been on a training course today, hence the late post. The course was about call handling and how to treat your customer on the telephone and for the first time it did not mention how to sell things to your customer at the same time. Now one of my main complaints when I ring somewhere is that they always try to sell me something and although my company has long since moved away from that approach it is still expected that you can be able to offer the customer other products in a professional manner, but now, like a lot of companies it is seen that customer service comes first, just as it should be. On the flip side of this I have been trying to buy something off Curry’s and had nothing but trouble with their call centre and shop, who refused to do even the simplest thing of calling me back when asked, let alone getting the thing I had paid for on time.
Photo today of the first Robin of the winter, great to see the little red fellow back.

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aims said...

How odd that you get Robins for winter and we get them for summer. They have gone from here now....perhaps some of mine are visiting you?

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Yowza! What a fantastic shot, Brett! Then again, that's just what you do - go around and make beautiful images while the rest of us are Brett Wannabees - LOL!

I just returned from our Thanksgiving trip and have accomplished the assignment given me by you. My six random things aren't quite that interesting but they'll have to do! Thanks for thinking of me.

caro said...


Suburbia said...

Amazing shot.

So sweet (tweet!)


Lisa B said...

absolutely brilliant! we have a smattering of snow too today (Tuesday), but the sky is a little ominous so there may be more on the way.

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