Thursday, February 19, 2009

Duffy 3, Leona 0

Watched the Brits last night and what a fantastic set of winner’s, it makes me so proud to come from this little island when I see the talent that we can produce and the effect it has all over the world. I was especially please for Duffy, she has come up the hard way, no reality TV help for her, and has proved what hard work can achieve. It was also very telling that Miss Lewis did not win anything for the second year running. If only the rest of our economy was as strong as our entertainment professions then we might have a chance at beating this down turn. The only down side to the night was pointed out by Caz (and Kylie if you read this it was nothing to do with me, I think your great) but why was the Brits hosted by an Australian? (a very pretty one), don’t we have enough talent that’s home grown that could have done the job? One strange point but did the listeners of Radio 2, normally thought of as the middle aged easy listening station, vote Iron Maiden as the best live act! Hopefully now it’s on to the Oscars and a repeat post celebrating more British wins.
Photo today from the Greek islands, the front of a fishing boat moored in a quite harbour.

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Isunia said...

:) This brings back some memories. I lived in UK when Leona won X-factor. She is good but I so badly wanted Ray to win. Have a nice day!

Suburbia said...

Damn it I missed the TV last night! How could I have forgotton?!

Lovely colours in that pic

Lisa B said...

I had similar thoughts when Renee Zellweger was cast as Bridget Jones.


I agree that most of the winners were quite deserving and Duffy did well to win 3...

Still, it would have been amazing if some more avant-garde people won: MIA for Best Brit Female? Beck for Best International Male? Fleet Foxes for Best International Band?

Surprised that Coldplay didn't win any - if I was the betting kind I wouldn't have put money on them to win at least one!

Scarlet x

Ranger Faff said...

Yes, Brett - we 'middle-aged easy listeners' of Radio 2 did indeed vote Iron Maiden Best Live Act!!!!! And quite right too. And if we'd have been able to vote for Best International Act AC/DC would have won that too! Where have you BEEEEEEEN???!!!!!

And Scarlet - I agree. I was amazed Coldplay didn't win anything when you look at some who did...

PS: My finger still hurts from all the dialling... :-)

PPS: And thank you...

caro said...

Faff - if Radio2 easy listener's voted for Iron Maiden, why the hell do I have to listen to Sarah Kennedy's show tunes in a morning (still it preferable to Chris Moyles).

..and PPS it was our pleasure entirely.

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