Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leader of the band

Think I’ve just sorted the last shots for the blog, as I said yesterday my main fear was that I would end up just posting anything, but I’m happy with these and they are a fitting end to the year. I’m not going to stop blogging, I will keep this one going but not at quite the same pace, Saturday will be the last of the daily posts, I still cannot believe that I’ve managed not miss one day so far, very unlike me. I am planning a new blog and if I can get my act together it will start on Saturday, which is a big “if “though.
I’ve been watching the fires in Australia with new eyes as the girl I sit next to at work comes from near there and has been giving us a first hand account of living with bush fires. I know that a number of my visitors do come from around there so I hope you are all safe and keeping well out of trouble.
One of my closest friends is also a Blogger and has updated her blog with the goings on over the past few weeks, Polergirl has been in and out of hospital and both Caz and me have been very worried, having read the blog I would have been even more concerned if I had known it all, as it was, knowing someone close was that ill certainly put my petty moans into place, although some of my customer very nearly got put in their place, so what if the letter was a day late, my friend just been rushed into intensive care! She now seems to be on the mend and we are both so looking forward to seeing her again.
Picture today was taken in Leek park, I had it nearly to my self and it looked great, but this just stood out and I had to share it.

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Kasia said...

I'm glad you'll keep posting here :)

Snowman's hilarious ;)

Lisa B said...

Fantastic shot and do keep blogging.

Emmie said...

what a scene :o) he really is a proud snowman and rightfully taking center place gaining the attention he deserves :)

Oggie said...

I've been a dedicated 'lurker' of your blog since it made 'Blog of Note'. Its my first port-of-call when I log on. Make sure there is blog after 42!!

Frosty is great...and the Robin a couple of days ago was superb!!

Suburbia said...

What a fab pic! Made me smile :)

electric bicycles said...

Beautiful snow !!

Isunia said...

Wow, great picture!

Isunia said...

Wow, great picture!

lucy said...

That made me smile...something I haven't done in a couple of days. Thanks!

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