Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Snowy day

I love snow, I spend a good part of my year walking the local hills thinking what they will look like in the snow and when it arrives I grab my gear and head out. The result is nearly always disappointing, either the snow has melted, or the weather is crap, or as was the case yesterday, the roads are too bad to risk getting to the areas I want.
I left Leek on the Buxton road, hoping to get to the back of the Roaches, only to be stopped at each turn off by blocked roads; at one point I thought I would have to drive to Buxton just so I could turn round, a journey of 12 miles. Eventually I ended up at Merebrook, a little village just 3 miles from Leek, feeling over dressed in my full winter walking kit and rucksack. On the way back I stopped off at the local supermarket, only to meet the worst conditions of the day on their car park, it had turned into a thick sheet of ice and had not been gritted at all.
Today I’m sitting fully dressed in my walking gear again waiting for the cloud to lift, I don’t known the number of times this year I’ve sat here looking for that break in the clouds to start, it’s so frustrating.
The picture today is from Merebrook, an old fashion road sign, I’m sure these will become rarer as time goes on, there seems to be less around even now.

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Suburbia said...

Great pic! I hope the day turns out well for you.

Isunia said...

What a nice post :)

Lisa B said...

Great picture and yes we definitely need to take shots of these old-fashioned signs etc, because suddenly they do get taken down and just disappear from the landscape. Sounds like the roads in your area are like here, main roads are ok, but the minor ones are not so good, our road is still pretty bad. Blue sky and sunny though, so hope that has reached you by now.

aims said...

Been catching up Brett - hope your darling (child) is feeling better. I just couldn't stand to see Dolly sick. My heart raced the entire time and I finally had to go to the doc for anti-anxiety pills I got to be so bad. I was just so afraid.

Please know my thoughts are with you are Kep. I hope the vet has figured out the right medication.

Michaela said...

I love it! I love the rustiness and dirtiness. It reminds me of Narnia (the lamp-post).

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