Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hints and tips for new bloggers No1

When you chose your blog title make sure that you are happy with it and that it is accurate.

365 to 42, a year in photos, unconnected images taken by me during my 41st year.

After about a week of use Caz pointed out that it’s my 42nd year, but by then I’d signed up to various site using that as part of my profile so I let it run. Then I notice the bigger error, it’s a leap year and in fact its 366 days to my birthday, on top of that as I first posted on my birthday I really wanted to finish on my birthday, an extra days post, so 367 posts and photos in total. As for the images taken by me during the year, well they were all taken by me, but as I said very early on I intended to not restrict myself to images just taken this year as a spell of bad weather could leave me short of images, as it happened only 3 images were shot before the blog started a lot less than I would have guessed at the start.
So 365 posts and photos, but not the end of the year, or the end of the challenge and not even the end of the blog. Photo today of the Great ridge looking back towards Mam tor.

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the eternal worrier said...

Yet another fantastic picture. Im sure your not the only person counting down the days till Saturday.

Martin Rye said...

Photos like that are a window on the outside. I need to go up there and enjoy the snow. Great photo as always.

Sunny said...

Hope you'll go on posting anyway :)

Suburbia said...

I'll miss you Brett! I'm going to say Happy Birthday now because I don't know if I'll be around this weekend. It's been great reading you over this year. I know you won't be completely gone from the blogosphere but I'll miss you never the less. Take care, and keep positive, it's been great meeting you :)

Suburbia x

12ontheinside said...

Great photos here, hope you keep posting after your challenge is through.

monique said...

Such a great photo, you really have such a talent, I hope you continue to share your visions.

jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Brett, A special day for me too. Many congratulations on your blog I've enjoyed it so much every day. I look forward to your new one. Have a great weekend both of you. love Mum xxx

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