Monday, February 9, 2009

Much better Monday

The start of the last week, my main worry was that it would just fade out as I ran out of things to say and stuff to photograph. Then the English weather took over, it snowed again last night and so this morning has been spent walking round Leek shooting also sorts. So a short post so I can work on 700 odd shots I’ve taken since Friday.
The 3rd lesson on the photo course is now posted, the 4th lesson is ½ way done and I hope it will be on the blog next week.
I’m also working on a new project, which I would like to start next week, more later.
Photo from the walk around the Great ridge in the peak district on Saturday

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Sunny said...

Love the photo. And my sister's reading your lessons, she says they're helpful.

Lola said...

There's something very satisfying about this photo: the sky and the wall and the shadows work together nicely somehow.

Suburbia said...

Glad you have the snow you wanted. I am hoping there won't be any more here until half term, other wise the children will be at home for two whole weeks!! (one I can cope with!)

Emmie said...

the snow has been great, bradgate park resembled a mountain from the inner city of leicester at the weekend. Amazing :)

Daisy said...

I love this photo- have you sent it to the BBC website of snow photos? It would be the best!! And I'm sure you wouldn't ever run out of things to photograph, you see the detail in everything.

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