Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good snow day

Well yesterday was fun, I managed to get of my arse and face the cold outdoors. Not waiting for the cloud to lift I headed out, aiming to get to an old barn just off the main road to Ashbourne and managed that with no problem as the side road was very clear. Now this road runs deep into the heart of the Staffordshire Moorland and in a moment of madness I decided to follow it. What a good decision, it ran clear right up to Longnor and beyond. Once in this area my only idea was to try to get to Chrome hill, as I had only seen pictures of it covered with snow and wanted to see it for real. All went well until I turned off the main road and hit the farm track you can see in the picture (it runs from the bottom left, along the left bank of the stream, then curves round the side of the hill, meeting the wall that seems to end in the middle of the field on the right of the picture). At the road end this track was fine, until you had gone about 100 feet, then it became white over with no places to turn round
It was at this point I realised that I had bitten of more than I could chew, I could not go back and the sides of the road were too deep to attempt to turn round, the only hope was a cattle grid about ½ a mile down the track that had a hard stand by it to allow animals to be driven through a gate. The track had a gentle downward slope and with a bit of care I reached the turning point, once turned, a task that involved a lot of cold sweats and swearing, I decided that it would be silly to give up, so drove my car off the track, leaving the front wheels just on the hard stuff and went for a short walk up Chrome hill, where this photo of Parkhouse hill was taken.
Than I faced the journey back, up hill, all went supprisingly well until I met a quad bike pulling a trailer, driven by a very surprised looking farmer, luckily it was by a wide-ish bit of track and I managed to get most of the car out of the way to let him passed. Once on the main road it was just a ½ hour dash to get home.

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jeannee said...

Great picture of my favourite hill Brett. but do try not to kill yourself. Jeanne

Sunny said...

That's fantastic! The photo reminded me of the mountains I travelled to on christmas holidays.

Kasia said...

Beautiful! I love snow :) And I like Gold dust woman a lot :)

I've tagged you! On my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That's like the most gorgous soft peak of meringue!!
Mrs T - you have great taste!
Brett - you need a Landrover. And eight collie dogs. (Sorry, Kep - just a figure of speech).
So... when are we going?!!!!!!

Suburbia said...

An amazing shape of a hill! Glad you made it back!!

Martin Rye said...

The Dragons back is a great place to visit. Chrome and the rest of them make a fine walk. Great shot Brett.

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