Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old habbits die hard

I know I said I was cutting down but there were a couple of things I needed to inform you of.
First I’ve added another lesson to the photo course, this one covers shutter and aperture and was by far the hardest to write. The course so far has been more technical than I wanted but I think its important to know what is going on in side your camera, as this give you the ability to then take control. I have not pre-planed the course and the lessons are taking a natural shape of their own, but any feed back would be welcome.
Second, the Leek daily photo has gotten off to a cracking start, much better than I could have hoped for, so thank you for all the support.
The picture to day is of a leaf stuck to a piece of old Perspex’s security sheeting, fastened over a window, under normal conditions it looks horrible, but with the light behind it, I just love it.

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Suburbia said...

What amazing clours!

I knew you'd miss us!!!!!!

aims said...

Those are indeed the most amazing colours! Fantastic image! Off for my next lesson.....

Babooshka said...

I have a photo just like this in the nature reserve, leaf on fence. Off to check out the new blog. About time too.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to work out for ages what the picture was of (then it occurred to me to read the actual post, then it occurred to me that perhaps it is too early and I should get coffee!)

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