Monday, February 23, 2009

The writing is on the wall.

Yet another stunning night for British talent, congratulations to Kate Winslet and Danny Boyle, great news to wake up to on a Monday morning.
The weekend has just flown by, as it always does when you’re busy, started this one on Friday afternoon, sawing 3 scaffolding planks in a howling gale in the hills above Leek. The planks were from a reclamation yard and at 13 feet were too long to fit in the car so needed to be cut down, a hard job with a blunt hand saw. These were then made on Saturday into 2, 3 feet by 6 feet rectangular frames for 2 raised vegetable beds for the front of the house. This area is at the moment unused and this seems the best way to utilise it, although I was amazed how much soil was needed to fill just 1 of them that the other will have to wait a while before it can be filled. If the weather picks up I will be out later planting my onions and shallots.
Sunday was walking day and the 3 of use headed up to Macc forest for a wet and windy walk that pointed out to me just how long it has been since I did any manual labour as my back and arms had not stopped hurting from Fridays and Saturdays hard work.
Photo today is from our trip to Egypt a few years ago, a really great place to see and one we really want to go back to. The image was taken on a compact digital camera as I really did not feel safe taking a bigger camera with me, now having been there I would feel quite happy taking my more expensive kit.

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aims said...

What a great shot Brett! So is the one of the boat! Loved them both - and congrats on having such talent in England!

Suburbia said...

I wonder what all that says? An antique blog post perhaps!! Makes a great pic


Michaela said...

Cool! I really want to go to Egypt.

Lisa B said...

I tried to leave this comment for the police station,
- A beautiful building and lovely sepia tone. - on your Leek daily photo blog, but the word verification box doesn't ever load.

Mish said...

Oh wow, I love this photo. When I went to Egypt last year, you weren't allowed to take photos inside a lot of the places anymore. I also saw a guy get his expensive looking camera confiscated for breaking this rule... ouch.

Daisy said...

Can't believe you got such a good shot of that wall! Really want to go to Egypt too.

Laura Jane Williams said...

One word: wow! Great shot.


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