Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bin there, done that.

My morning routine has settled down over the past year and now goes something like this. Get up to the gentle tones of Sarah Kennedy reading through the mornings news papers on radio 2, this is a great start as by the time I’m fully awake I know what’s been going on in the world. A quick fuss of Kep as I open the bed room door he sleeps out side the room but normally right against the door so you have to fuss him as you go past. I then head down stairs for a cup of coffee, now my only real cup all day and spend 10 minutes watching TV or reading. By this point Kep has finish waking Caz and is down stairs giving me the eye as he wants his food and exercise. A quick game of ball in the garden and while he is eating I nip up stairs to fire up the PC. While he is out, doing his business I make my breakfast then let him back in and head to the office.
Once at my PC and still eating my weetabix, I start Firefox and open my emails, Kep settling down by my side, I start one of the best parts of the day, reading the comments on the blog. Mid way though this Caz shouts up that she is going, so I nip down stairs to give her a proper send off, I never miss doing this if I’m around. Then its back up stairs to finish the comments, check the stats, pop round my fav blogs and prepare to write this one. This is how it normally goes, but if the day is looking extra good I can some time sort out Kep and then head for the great out doors. Its hard to think what I used to do with my mornings before the blog.
Picture today is of a typical park bin, I liked the look of it so took the shot, it made it onto the short list for the blog and Caz spotted it and said it looked good, she is always a great judge, so here it is.

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Chairman Bill said...

A bin! Good God, there may be a bomb in it!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Will miss you not being here so often, Brett - I don't always have time to comment, but do stop by; I love your lines and photography.

All the best with your plans!

caro said...

Its good to be appreciated.

Ranger Faff said...

What an unusual shot.
What a fabulous song!

Nella said...

Congrats on the year. Job well done. 365 days of honesty and beauty. Thank you.
Your biggest fan in Missouri, USA,

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