Fear! In some ways our fears help to define our personalities, they are, if not entirely unique in themselves, at least unique in their strength and combination. Me I’m terrified of wasps, I work in a very large open plan office (football field size at least) and if there is a wasp in the room I’m on edge, almost to the point of not being able to do my job. Caz hates wood lice in much the same way; I am never as popular as when one is in need of disposal. Kep has developed a fear of the vets over the past few weeks, which has lead to me parking in strange places to fool him about his ultimate destination.

Clowns seems to be a popular fear, if that the right way to word it, coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of Clowns, it’s got a name so you can’t be on your own. The strangest fear I have ever come across was one held by a builder I knew, picture your average builder, rough, tough and down to earth, and now picture one with a fear of gingiber laganum (Ginger cake), yes ginger cake, nice tasty, not renowned for it ability to attack on sight. He foolishly let on to his work mates about this, who effectively immobilised his van by leaving a cake on the driver’s seat and refusing to remove it. As I wrote about yesterday they say that if you face your fears you can beat them, bugger that, if I’m afraid of something there must be a good reason, so I’m keep well away from wasps.

Picture today was taken along with the last two days pictures, I love close up photography, it gives you a glimpse of the world you do not always see, I chose the subjects randomly as you cannot really tell how they will look till you take the photo.

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Eternal Worrier said…
I know exactly what you mean about the Wasp. If there’s 1 in a room I’m in, I just can’t relax. And how come if you go on a picnic their all over the food! You sit there swatting round the sandwiches. Bees are ok though. You can lay down on the grass on a sunny day and the Bee will quite happily work around you without feeling the need to buzz round your ear or sneak inside your open shirt.
But wood lice are so harmless - but I hate the garden at the height of summer because of the whole wasp thing - bees I can just about handle but wasps are a no no!

Scarlet x
Anonymous said…
Love the vibrant colours!

Do you remember the Bond movie where Jaws was dressed up as a clown? That gave me coulrophopia!
Anonymous said…
Ah, yes Brett I remeber him well.
Jeanne, Great photo
Suburbia said…
My Tall Girl hates clowns, but then again she has quite a lot of fears, cows is one too, oh and wasps as well (which is sort of justifiable as they do hurt and they don't care!)

Fab colours in that photo, very inspiring
aims said…
Great photo Brett.

I find if I just ignore flying stinging things that they just leave me alone. Mind you - it was something I had to develop.

Now snakes - did I mention snakes btw? I am constantly on the lookout for snakes. I live on the dry prairies of Alberta where there aren't any snakes. I well remember my mother telling me I should move here as there weren't any. And of course - mothers are usually right!
Sarah said…
Wasps don't bother me at all - in fact I always think it's quite funny the way people react to them - it's only May Bugs that send me screaming to the hills!

Great shot, love the colours.
Ranger Faff said…
Unsurprisingly, I too subscribe to the fear-of-clowns thing. Godawful things, Hate them.

Seems like clowns and cows go together - imagine a cow, with a painted smile, in a circus ring... now tell me you're not shuddering... (uddering...)

Absolutely fab picture, Brett. Those colours are so vibrant and so striking. Nice one.
For me it's peas. I can barely look at them and certainly couldn't eat food off a plate that has them on it, or has had them removed from it.

It's ridiculous, I do appreciate that.
Heights. I don't like them. That photo of the colored pencils is a keeper. I'd frame it and hang it in my studio. Beautiful!

Congrats on your POD award!
Shutterspy said…
Wow I like the pencil picture :)
Hi, you've been TAGGED. Sorry to spoil your Sunday!
Anonymous said…
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