Thursday, April 24, 2008

Born to run

This is going to be so un PC and may even get me on a tree huggers hit list, so here goes. Driving, probably the most expensive thing we do, tax, insurance, petrol and then the car it’s self, and do we enjoy it? Days spent stuck in traffic, nose to tail with the girl in the car in front doing her hair and a boy racer behind pumping out more decibels that a good size airport. Trying to get a parking space or avoiding the speed cameras becomes an obsession verging on religion, and when you get to the open road, Sunday drivers tottering along at a sails pace, taking up more room than an 18 wheeler. So imagine my joy when having to drive over 2 of the highest, hardest and windiest passes in England, to find perfect weather and see only 2 cars for the whole trip. Throwing the car round and round bends that seem to clime like a corkscrew, with gay abandon and having to drive to both mine and the cars limit was fantastic, I known that cars damage the environment and speed kills, but just for ½ an hour I was Jeremy Clarkson, wicked. On the way back the light was fabulous and the driving fun took second place to the photography, this is the road back up the Hardknott pass, it really looked like this.

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Ranger Faff said...

Hey hey, I remember this SOOOO well!!!!! You were like a 12-year-old, Brett! Full of impish enthusiasm for the moment - whether it was behind the wheel or behind the shutter! Again, another memorable moment in a week full of them!

Utterly wonderful pic and what MAGNIFICENT light!!!!!

Brett said...

Thanks,taking of pictures we'll need to get you a more resent one!

babooshka said...

Can't drive but have, flown a plane and live on the island dedicated to motorbikes.
I would be lethal in a car.
Jeremy Clarkson, "the berk in a merc", is almost a neighbour.

check out this clarkson cartoon

The light is like the soft liquid light you get in the lowlands scotland.

caro said...

Brett's right, that's taken before we met you.

Polergirl said...

Wow, I know that feeling Brett cause I was there! It is the best feeling eva - apart from love that is. Ranger Faff has brought that to me. Whilst his eyes where shut over the hardknott, they were wide open in the cottage. Soz!!!

Lovz ya all.. xxx

caro said...

H hmmmm too much info!

The D in D & T said...

so, so pretty.

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