Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May you live in interesting times

Just had one of those days, my own fault I’ve been reading A Mask to Hide Behind and Moments from suburbia, and wishing I had a more interesting life, when my life got interesting. The Chinese had a saying, may you live in interesting times, not good times or fun times, interesting times. Like, oh I,ve got oil coming out of my car, how interesting or I’ve a meeting in ½ an hour and am 1 hour away, how very interesting. It started with the car last night, just an interesting trickle of oil following me down the drive. No problem I’ll drop it off at the garage on the way work and pick it up on the way home at lunch time, grab lunch and on to my meeting. Rang the garage to find it is only a hose that has gone, the hose that VW has decided will fund their next staff party. Also it’s not in stock! Still no problem, I’ve time to walk home, skip lunch, and borrow Caz’s car. Get home, unlock the door, with my house keys, spotting that all my car keys are at the garage including Caz’s spare for her car. Cancel meeting, eat lunch, type interesting blog bemoaning my now interesting life.

Word Verification, is it me or are these getting harder to read, tried to post on 2 blogs yesterday and gave up. New video,the top one, for bloggers only, we've all been there. Picture for today is Helm Crag, a great walk well recommended to all

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Steph said...

I love your pictures and I love your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment at mine so I could find you.

Derek said...

Life can be interesting at times and life can be quite boring at times. Washing your car may not be interesting, but when someone compliments you on how well you maintain your car, that's interesting.

Personally, I believe that one action leads to another. So, something that's not very interesting like washing the dishes leads to a meal served on a clean plate (and if you have company, that might be a good thing). Another example, I could be doing something else at 3:30 AM (like sleeping!) then posting a comments on personal blogs. However, I realize that the person will probably appreciate having a new reader and possibly take the time to read my blog. If not, well, at least I know that someone out there in the blogging world got a comment that's something a little more thoughtful then, "hey! Nice blog!".

My point is that the uninteresting thing's in life, generally lead to something a little more interesting.

Ranger Faff said...

Beautiful pic again, Brett. Very happy memories - Little Parrock and all!

Completely agree about the Word Verification - have really struggled over the last few days, to the point - like you - of giving up with them. Having said that, today's is much easier!

Hope car gets sorted. Esp for the weekend!

Suburbia said...

You think I have an interesting life?!!!!
Thanks for the mention and don't forget the saying 'be careful what you wish for'!
Great photo as ever :)
ps I think the verification things are working better now.

Suburbia said...

just looked at the you tube blog thingy, soooo funny, sooo true!!

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