Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dark Therapy

Dark Therapy, no it’s not my latest cure, although blogging could be called that, it’s the name of the new track on the video to the left. I love this track and wanted to share, the band is Echobelly, one of the Britpop band’s from the 90’s that is still going. I love the internet, with a couple of clicks I found the band history and all the things they have been up to since I last heard of them. All those lyrics that you had to guess are now available on line; some of my favourite songs have taken on whole new meanings. The only thing I could not find out about Echobelly was if they will be touring soon? Picture today is of some old gate posts, I know its not stone henge but to me they make a statement on the landscape.

Now playing: Echobelly - Dark Therapy
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Susanne49 said...

Your photo matches the subject of your post very well! Great shot, I like it.

Ashley said...

I like their music. It seems fun and upbeat.
Personally, I think some of the greatest music ever is from the 90's.

babooshka said...

Blogging is definately therapy. Very atmospheric photo.I do like your black and white stuff,it's not a medium that everyone can utilise.
As for the music another great track.

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