Friday, April 11, 2008

Flame on, Burn desire.

I’m back, at work that is. For the friends who don’t know me a bit of history, I have been away from my job for the last 6 months due to the effects of stress. We all suffer from stress and put up with it, so to admit to being off work with it feels like admitting that I had sexual disease. But that is one of the problems, we don’t talk about it, people around you (maybe even you) are suffering without any real need.

With me it crept up on me over 2 years, slowly changing my personality and how I interacted with people, till I went to the doctors with what I thought was an illness which turn out to be a symptom. It was only after 3 months of recovery that I realised just how bad I had been. Now thanks to the support of work, friends and family I am well on the way to a full recovery, being back at work being just a small part of that, this blog is another, all the comments pick up my spirits no end, my target is to be better than before and I will get there. There is no real test to see if you are stressed, for me I would look inward are you happy, sad or do you just don’t care, if it’s the last one then talk to someone, it will help.

The image for today is the full view of the old merc.

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Suburbia said...

Well welcome back then! Hope you will still keep blogging and glad you're feeling better. Those black times are bad and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.
Lovely car!

babooshka said...

Why do you think i quit the bank.STRESS.Also why we moved to this wierd little island. Another stunner, the merc there. got to check out the Abraham Lincoln list.

By the way.One of his descendants does Is only the "daily photo" site.Guess what he's called.

Jeanne said...

Well done Brett. That was brave. Love you loads Jeanne xx

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