Thursday, April 17, 2008

A to Z

Maps, after a book and a menu, the best use of paper I know. I could sit and look at a map for hours, tracing routes, planning journeys and reliving day spent out on the hills. How can a flat bit of paper with lines and symbols translate into hills and valleys, it fascinates me. Then you look into the work that goes into them, the number of man hours spent travelling and recording the ground, the attention to detail, it’s fantastic. Where would we be without maps, we wouldn’t know. Picture for today water running down the face of a dam, the power up close was awe inspiring.

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babooshka said...

As a woman aren't I supposed to not be able to read maps? Good job i live on an island then

I have dicovered that if you upload photos of motorbikes, the isle of man
TT YOUR SITE GOES CRAZY.So if you have any...

Anonymous said...

I know where you get your love of maps. I could read them instead of novels. As you say planning journeys some I'll go on others I won't but the pleasure is in the planning. form Jeanne x

Ham said...

I do the exact same thing.
Maps really do fascinate me; they always have.
It lets my imagination run free.

By the way...
The photo is fantastic.

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