Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where have all the people gone?

The number of readers of the blog has dropped off, so you are among the select few! Is it me, is it the writing, or is it the photos? Far from being down hearted it seems to have spurred me on. For one thing over 1000 people from over 50 countries have seen the picture and for another I have taken tons of pictures that I would not have done. The writing has also surprise me, as I normally only write two or three words at as time and then only to pass on a message, like “fed the dog”, (you have to note this down or else he mugs every one passing the kitchen and gets fed 10 times a day). The thing that has kept me going is the comments and return visits from people, it really is appreciated when comments are left. So any comments or question are welcome, thinking what to write and photograph takes time so if you think of something to ask or want to see a subject photographed or a technique used or explained, let me know. Picture for today is of a badge off an old merc, not sure which type, a full shot of the car may follow.

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Ranger Faff said...

Keep it up, Brett! Keep going! Just because we don't always post doesn't mean we're not checking you out every day and marvelling at what you're doing and your superb talent with a camera!

We've discovered some absolute treasures through your featured websites and music/bands - things we would never have seen otherwise and things which have made us wonder, things which have made us agree/disagree, and things which have made us laugh until we've cried.

Thank you.

Susanne49 said...

Just keep on posting, Brett! I experienced the same phenomena, people come and go, there will be a new crowd in a while, you'll see and all the "old good friends" are just leaving you and you don't know why!

Take it easy and keep on posting, for your own pleasure! (like I do) :-)

babooshka said...

People do come and go, and quite often sneak in and don't leave a comment.I have been particualry lazy in commenting recently. I will put your link on my other daily ramsey photo, that may send smone new traffic your way.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day and am very impressed with both writing and photography. Also it's the best way to keep up with what you're up to. From Jeanne xx

Brett said...

Thank you for the comments, every day between 10 and 25 people visit the site,but never say hallo, so i don't known who they are. Its loverly to hear from you all.

Jenty said...

Well, I've jsut discovered you, because you commented on my blog.
I find that people come back if I comment regularly on their blog. Tit for tat really.

Polergirl said...

Keep going we love the blog! I still pop in to visit most days, but admit I haven't left comments recently as I always seem to be in a rush! Soz x

Suburbia said...

Just catching up with every bodies news. Nice pictures this week by the way! I was interested to see that when you feel a bit down and think no one's visiting, you get lots of comments, just ask and off they go! I must try that.

The D in D & T said...

Kep sounds awfully like my dog (living with my best friend now back in australia) - missing her is the hardest part about being here. your stories about Kep make me smile. My request: more about Kep please! :)

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