Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long lonely road

Today’s panoramic shot is of Ennerdale, one of the most remote valleys in the Lake District. This picture is taken from nearly the same spot as the one on Sunday but looking in the opposite direction. Just after taking this I realized just how far we were from civilization, at least in English terms I known that for some readers 5 or 6 miles to the nearest road is not really that far, but our crowded island you are hard pushed to get this far away from people. This valley is now being returned to nature, they are cutting down the forestry planted trees and replacing some with the local species, there is also talk of reintroducing animals that have long since vanished like the wild bore. As before click for a larger view

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Glay [D] Listra said...

ah, i forgot~ i havn't sign in just now. Well, nice blog you have there (again). And do tell me if you want to link your site in mine ^_^

and I love all the photos that you have taken ^_^

Suburbia said...

That does seem very remote but breathtakingly beautiful.


Great pic again.
Duffy does kind of blow street credibility out of the window. Hmm, although I thought she was halfway decent when I first saw her on Later... But then I hated "Mercy".
Ahem... Sorry.


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