Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time mismanagement

As I have probably said before I love photos. That said, after ploughing through 13 gigs worth of photos the love affair is waning a bit. Its not that it isn’t fun, but finding the time to do it is driving me up the wall. Why is it that when you have something to do you seem to have no time to fit it in? So even as I sit editing the picture, a job I normally love, my mind is ticking off the seconds and listing the things that I should be doing with those seconds. On top of that I find a new blog ( amasktohidebehind) and lose no end of time reading that(not time wasted thought). Then there is writing this, which I think I’m addicted to, at least a bit any way. So Here’s today picture, Little Langdale tarn as seen from the side of Lingmoor Fell, it had just stopped raining and this light stayed with us the whole day.

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Ranger Faff said...

Brett, that's just BEAUTIFUL! And should be on a million postcards.

It was a truly special day, a special climb, with special friends and wonderfully special views.

And polergirl, if that's just too many specials in one sentence then I'm especially sorry :-)

girl with the mask said...

You gave me a little mention there... much appreciated!

Beautiful picture, too x

Suburbia said...

That is such a lovely picture.

GWTM is such a good read I agree.

Ashley said...

wow, so beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...


A treasured reminder of a truly memorable day! (See Faff, it is possible not to use the sp..... word!)

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