Monday, April 21, 2008

Is it a bird, is it a plane, NO

It’s Superman.

All alone on the top of a mountain, miles from any where, surrounded by close friends, you decided to come out about your cross dressing, Sorry, What you really decided to do was send a photo to your (Girl friend, special person, significant other, partner) well, your Sandra, who was unable to come with us and needed cheering up ( un be known to us, numerous random blokes all over the lake district were also trying with differing degrees of success, the guy that started up a whole flour mill just for her did the best) When two strangers suddenly appeared from nowhere, for some reason they did not hang about and shot off down the mountain. This picture speaks, this is why I take photos, in a fraction of a second it has captured the fun and drama of a moment, if only you could have seen his face when he turn around to see the other people!

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babooshka said...

So this is how you plan to get traffic to your blog is it?Bit below the belt isn't it(literally.)

If you think the P.H blog is going mad, you should see the other one "ramsey daily photo." I think though your shot today beats my chaffinch on my hand.

The D in D & T said...

LOL fantastic!!

Ranger Faff said...

What a magnificent view! :-)

Apologies to the Lake District for in any way detracting from its beauty... if only for a few seconds.

Ah, the childlike innocence of blissful ignorance... apologies if anyone's view of Steeple was spoilt by our moment of fun! It was all the blonde's fault!

Happy happy days... :-)

Polergirl said...

Superman - my hero, swoon!

Love ya loads Faff, and thanks to C & B for brightening up my day - I'm still chuckling about those pics :-) hehehee!

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