Thursday, April 10, 2008

Successful failure

On the blog 3 for 365 yesterday was listed the things that Abraham Lincoln failed to do before becoming president, have a quick look, done ok. This cheered me up no end, I always seem never to hit my full potential and sometimes feel that I never will, but reading that proves that failure is not the end and if you keep going you never known what might happen. Just keep away from theatres. Just like this one (smooth link again, I think). Today’s picture the Art center and theatre in Cardiff, fantastic looking structure, it just looms over you.

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Suburbia said...

Like the photo but not getting the link with Kylie today but then I haven't got time to listen to the words.........must go!
Your counter thingy is spooky, feels like I'm being watched. Big bro and all that (Also means I can't visit more than once a day to see if you've posted yet, because I'll look like a stalker?!!)

The D in D & T said...

imposing building!

ps i think feeling the way that you have described may just be the universal human condition ;)though i kind of dont really like universalising statements like the one i just made. :)

Ashley said...

Wow, its crazy that Abraham Lincoln had so many failures on the track to becoming president. It really shows that determination and persistence can bring you such a far way.

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