Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I can not believe that this time last week I was on the top of a mountain, ½ way through my holiday, it seems like years ago. I suppose that’s what working for a living does to you. Still back to the present, I have found another great site,, this person is a wizard on Photoshop and uses his skill to take cartoons and make them real! If your at all interested in photos or Photoshop take a look, the video is long but just a short view will amaze you. As for today’s photo its of a gull, don’t known what sort, but it let me take its picture so its alright by me.

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girl with the mask said...

That shot is pretty awesome. I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic shot! I've never seen a gull look so expressive!


How on earth did you get this amazing shot? It's brilliant, your photos and your blog are amazing!

babooshka said...

It is a cool shot. What the hel was that bird on.

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